9 Symptoms Of Liver Problems And Ways To Protect It

Do you know a little bit about the role of your liver?
Your body needs always chemicals that come from nutrients via a transformation caused
by your liver.
So what will happen if your liver does not work well?
Symptoms of the liver problems

1 Pain in the upper abdomen


If you feel not good or you have a pain especially at the top of the abdomen this means that, your liver probably could not do its function well. It is safe to wait and see if upper stomach pain goes away without treatment. If not. You need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. So as you will solve be fine.

2. Nausea


When your liver does not work as it should be. Moreover, you eat meals, which contains a lot of fat. This cause many problems such as nausea and vomiting. Therefore, you may experience nausea, which occurs because toxins build up in the bloodstream.

3. Skin issues and yellowing of the eyes


When the blood contains more than enough of bilirubin, the white of the eye (called the sclera) turn to yellow. Another truth about this is that your skin becomes rash. You may wonder now. Why all this happens? Well because of the liver problems.

4. Fatigue and weakness


you may feel tired, you may feel like you are weak. It is normal. However, if this repeat with you usually. Therefore, this can be a sign of liver problems. My advice to you is to consult a doctor.


5. Fever


One of the symptoms of liver problems is fever. Especially when you are exhausted.
Normal temperature is 37 C, but doctor consider that from about 36.1 C to 37.2 C is normal. Since it varies throughout the day.


6. Muscle pain


Did you know that when liver has disorder the muscle or myalgia joint pain and your leg is swelling? I advise you to consult a doctor. Since your muscle pain demand physical examination to be well enough.

7. Change in color of urine and stool


If your liver functional disorder, at the same time either the stool become lighter and the urine darker. Usually these changes are temporary and harmless because it comes from things you ate.

8. Itching of the body


Due to the bile accumulation, your skin might become itchy. You may have an itch that should be scratched. All this happen because sometimes the liver could not neutralize the


9. Bleeding

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The liver’s disorder could show nasal bleeding or even bruising. Bleeding is one of its
rarest symptoms.

If you have noticed some of its symptoms please seek the medical attention.

How to protect your liver


If you know that just your liver could cause you all that.
How will you protect it?
The liver is a filter that cleans the blood from its enemies. So in order to protect it, you have
to avoid these elements:

  1. Drinking alcohol
  2. Fatty food
  3. Some medicines

Foods for the healthy liver


Healthy foods is one of the effective way to keep your liver healthy.
Healthy Food includes

  1. Cottage cheese
  2. Honey
  3. Vegetables
  4. Drinking enough water

This article is solely for informational purposes. Do not self-diagnose or self-medicate, and in all cases consult a certified healthcare professional before using any information presented in the article. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for any harm that may result from using the information provided in the article.